Congress has less than 30 days to extend the Medicare therapy cap exceptions process. In order to ensure your voice is heard on Capitol Hill, APTA is working with the Therapy Cap Coalition to promote awareness of the December 31st deadline. TODAY every member of the coalition is activating its grassroots network, and asking its members to email or call their legislators. You can help by emailing your members of Congress using APTA’s Legislative Action Center and asking them to extend the exceptions process through 2013. You can also call your legislators using the phone number provided below. Without Congressional action, a hard cap of $1,900 will take effect January 1, 2013.

It is vital that PROVIDERS AND PATIENTS take action! Flood Congress with emails and telephone calls TODAY!


Call the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask to speak with your members of Congress.


Ask your legislators to extend the Medicare therapy cap exceptions process through 2013.

  • Emphasize the patient impact of letting a hard cap of $1,900 take effect in 2013.
  • Tell Congress that a hard therapy cap disproportionately impacts those patients who need treatment the most.
  • Beneficiaries who experience more than one episode of illness or injury per year often exceed the cap.
  • Beneficiaries will be forced to delay necessary care, assume higher out-of-pocket expenses, or forgo care altogether if a hard cap is implemented in 2013.

Don’t forget to ask your patients to email or call their members of Congress using the Patient Action Center. All they have to do is enter their zip code and click “Go!”

APTA is working diligently with Congressional offices on Capitol Hill to develop a solution before year’s end but TIME IS RUNNING OUT! Please take five minutes and contact your legislators NOW. You can make a difference and help prevent a hard Medicare therapy cap of $1,900 from being implemented in 2013.

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